Cadens Medical Imaging Unveils New Version of Cadens Colon

Nov. 17, 2015 — Montreal (Quebec), Canada
The new release features an improved 3D representation of the colon that can be displayed in transparent or opaque. The transparent option creates a view similar to the Double Contrast Barium Enema (DCBE) representation that the radiologists are accustomed to. All the colorectal polyps or cancer identified by the radiologists are displayed on this view to facilitate the communication with the gastroenterologists and referring physicians.

The interactive colon centerline that is used when the automatic centerline calculation fails has also been completely redesigned. The users can now correct the colon centerline in just a few seconds by placing points on the 3D Colon or simply stretching an existing centerline to make it pass through a certain point.

"The colon centerline is calculated automatically with excellent results in the majority of the cases. When needed, the interactive centerline is very fast and easy to use," explains Dr Ghislain Brousseau from Radiologie et Imagerie de la Capitale in Quebec city. "Cadens Colon new transparent 3D reconstruction provides the radiologists with an image they are familiar with and allows to illustrate the position of the lesions in the reports transmitted to the referring physicians."

Cadens Colon key features
  • Enhanced 3D viewing and navigation mode (Funnel View)

  • Integrated Computer-Aided Detection (CAD)

  • Advanced 3D colon

  • Efficient electronic cleansing

  • CTC-dedicated user interface

  • Seamless Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) integration

About Cadens Medical Imaging
Founded in 2007, Cadens Medical Imaging is a privately-owned company located in Montreal (Quebec) Canada. The company has gained a worldwide reputation in computer-assisted medical imaging and software solutions for cancer screening procedures. The company’s innovative software facilitates image diagnosis for radiologists and improves the process of cancer intervention planning for the treating physician. The company’s products are sold in Canada, Europe, Australia, ASEAN nations and China.

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