Montreal Startup Cadens Medical Imaging Inc. Strikes Key Deal with Chinese Multinational Hisense Co.

Oct. 27, 2014 — Montreal (Quebec), Canada
Mr. Chuan Gao, CEO of Hisense Medical Co and Mr. Jean-Pierre Robert, President and CEO of Cadens Medical Imaging, both seated at the table, have signed a multimillion dollar agreement. The announcement was made by Mr. Jacques Daoust, ministre de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et des Exportations, and Quebec Prime Minister Philippe Couillard during a trade mission to China.

Cadens Medical Imaging Inc. a Montreal-based startup company, announced today the conclusion of a multimillion dollar licensing and technological collaboration with Chinese multinational Hisense Medical Co. The announcement was made today in Shanghai during a ceremony presided over by Quebec’s Prime Minister, Philippe Couillard, who is conducting an Economic Mission in China on behalf of the Province of Quebec.

Under provisions of the agreement, Cadens Medical Imaging will be partnering with Hisense Medical Co. to introduce a unique 2D/3D Univiewer software platform to the Chinese market. This innovative technology is designed to provide universal image viewing across a hospital setting, delivering simplicity and productivity to medical experts during cancer-screening procedures. This platform is designed to enhance current picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and health information technology infrastructures (Vendor Neutral Archives - VNA).

«Our software technology has proven to be an innovative tool that facilitates the work of radiologists by providing them with a rapid analysis of lesions following a cancer-screening procedure, while enhancing the degree of diagnostic confidence in its results,» said Mr. Jean-Pierre Robert, President and CEO of Cadens Medical Imaging. «We are excited with this first commercial agreement and the perspective of future cooperation with Hisense Medical Co., which will prove to be an excellent showcase for a medical technology that has been developed exclusively in Quebec,» he added.

«We are very proud to have the opportunity to introduce this new technological platform to China’s medical community and cancer patients,» said Mr.Chuan Gao, CEO of Hisense’s Medical Co. The UniViewer 2D/3D will consolidate our leadership position in the fast-developing field of healthcare provisioning in our country, he added.

About the Univiewer 2D/3D
Cadens 2D/3D Univiewer is a thin-client imaging software platform that delivers a coherent and universal experience to healthcare professionals across medical specialties. It is powered by Cadens’ proprietary unique point and flip technology that brings three-dimensional images at the fingertip of any physician. Specifically, Cadens innovates in the field of three-dimensional imaging by rupturing the conventional approach of separating two-dimensional and three-dimensional information. Cadens provides the physician with three-dimensional information that enables intuitive and rapid information correlation, while reducing cognitive guesswork.

About Cadens Medical Imaging
Founded in 2007, Cadens Medical Imaging is a privately-owned company located in Montreal (Quebec) Canada. The company has gained a worldwide reputation in computer-assisted medical imaging and software solutions for cancer screening procedures. The company’s innovative software facilitates image diagnosis for radiologists and improves the process of cancer intervention planning for the treating physician. The company’s products are sold in Canada, Europe, Australia, ASEAN nations and China.

About Hisense Medical Equipment Co. Ltd.
Hisense Medical Equipement Co. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hisense Group Corporation founded in March 2014. With its 45 years' experiences in display and image processing technology, Hisense has successfully extended its business into medical display and related areas.
For decades, Hisense has pioneered in the research and application of medical electronics technology. Today Hisense counts more than 100 R&D personnel in medical research: more than 90% hold a doctor/master's degree while 60% of which have around 10 years of experience in the development of medical end-user products and solutions.
Today, Hisense Medical Equipment Co. possesses a complete product line, ranging from medical display, medical imaging appliances to computer-aided surgery systems, etc. In this medical equipment market with ever-changing technology, Hisense is devoted to the enrichment and perfection of its product line.

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